Saturday, August 30, 2008

Church Service

Riding down the road!

Teaching the Electric Slide

Fighting Hippos

The Girls

Follow the leader.

More Hippos

Big Kitty in a tree.


Water Buffalo

Momma elephant and nursing baby.

The elephant isn't happy to have visitors!

Hippos and Croc!

On Safari

Almost back to Kigoma.

16 hour boat ride back to Kigoma


Sunset over Lake Tanganyika

Getting ready for church.

After staying in tents the team are up and ready to go to church and worship!

Sweet Mama

The Pharmacy

Waiting to fill prescriptions after seeing the doctor.

Praying with the sick.

Some of the team prepares to pray with the sick.

Learning an African Dance!

Three Little "Watotos"

MV Mongozo sails away.

Aboard the MV Mongozo on her way to Igalula

Melissa and Winnie

Melissa made some new life long friends while in Africa. Here she is with Winnie who she stayed with for the last few days of her trip. Winnie is a sweetheart!

Melissa and Joshua

For part of the time in Kigoma Melissa lived with a family. Joshua was one of the sons and they are in the room where Melissa stayed. That was her bed in the background with the mosquito netting.

Scooter made by a local boy.

Playing Tic Tac Toe Bean Bag Toss

Melissa is playing Tic Tac Toe Bean Bag Toss with the kids in Kaseke.

Kaseke - Medical and Ministry Outreach

Sunset at Jacobson's Beach

Monkeys are as bad as seagulls!

These little guys were at Jacobsen's Beach and just waiting to snatch up any food that was left lying about unguarded!

Sisters celebrating!

Upon arriving in Kigoma Melissa accompanied Harold and Connie as they drove one of the locals and her baby back home. They had been in Dar Es Salaam so the baby could have eye surgery to try and correct his blindness. This is a picture of the reunion and celebration of their homecoming.

Melissa and Jane Goodall

Melissa ran into Jane Goodall when she was in Tanzania. Jane Goodall started the Jane Goodall Institute to help protect and study chimpanzees and to teach people about them. The institute works with local communities to improve the environment and runs a program called Roots and Shoots for children and teenagers around the world.