Thursday, March 12, 2009


So, today a really awesome (horrendous is a better term) thing happened. I was showing a PBS "Gold Rush" documentary and didn't realize that a painting of a male Native American shooting a bow and arrow was going to be showcased to enhance detail from the time of the Gold Rush. Well, the author of this Native American painting decided it would be best to depict this certain male Native American without a loin give a better idea of the era?

The class erupted in laughter and shouting, and who knows! I was trying to cover the t.v. while turning it and the dvd player off, all amidst turning bright red. (I think they realized I was freakin' out)

As I walked down the short path to my principal's office, every part of me dreading it as I did when I was a 4th grader, I thought about my pink slip I received yesterday.

I prefaced our "conversation" with...
"Okay, so I got my pink slip totally don't have to rehire me." (part joking, part serious)

He is a great principal, very understanding. He helped me to write an email to my parents explaining what happened. Here are a few responses I got after sending out an email from my students parents. If I get any other good ones, I'll make sure to post them as well...

response 1:
Giggle, giggle. I had to laugh a bit at your expense. I can imagine the wide array of reactions. I will also talk to my daughter this evening. NO WORRIES!

response 2:
Omg! I wish I could have been there!!! You poor thing!!! :) I can not even imagine the expression on the kids faces! I'm fine. I'm sure she will tell me all about it!

same responder...different email:
Btw she got a bigger kick out of ur reaction than the movie. I had to pull over we were laughing so hard! :)

response 3:
LOL no problem

But, lesson CLOSELY every movie to be shown in a classroom from here on out.


danielle marie. said...

so funny that they had to pull over.
thats cute.
and thats good that they were so understanding about it..

Moqqi said...

It was also a lesson for the kids that people weren't always so "Into clothes and fashion" like they are now. :-)

jordan said...

ha, so thissss was the spark of conversation we had on sunday...

well at least the responses weren't so bad right? :)

Carrie said...

Native Americans and out!