Friday, June 5, 2009


Whoa! Two in a matter of minutes! Simone,'d be proud ;)

So, as far as my future goes, who knows? The Lord! Seeing as our great state is falling quickly down a financail spiral of doom, I am left, with hundreds, and thousands statewide, without a job in the fall. ( funny kids stories for a while) But, I don't plan on just sitting around waiting, hoping that something will just fall into my lap. I have a few game plans, if you will, of what the future could possibly hold.

Plan A:
Everything works out, and I teach at Vista del Mar in the fall again! Not likely, but not impossible...

Plan B:
I move to Oklahoma and get a teaching job there. This isn't completely crazy, as I was born there, have nearly all of my family out there...with my parents nearly moving back. My uncle is a teacher, and has principal friends, so I could most likely get hired quickly. would start when I'm in Africa, so I'd have to miss the first couple of weeks. If Capo Unified could hire me back, and I was already in a contract with another district, I would lose the position and little seniority I already have. Hmm...

Plan C:
Move in with Kara Robertson (she just called me a few days ago and told me that she is in need of a roommate to move in in August) and her roommates. Initially when I called her back, I told her how this seemed wonderful, but I'd probably be moving as I have no job and no source of income other than unemployment, and that this, unfortunately cannot support me. She called me back later, and we talked for quite some time. Through our conversation, it dawned on me that I could go back to school in the fall and get my master's. Moving in with her and her roommates would save me nearly $800 a month, and if I can get student loans, I might be able to make ends meet. Liking this one...

So, there are still a lot of things to figure out. I need to break my lease regardless of the "Plan" I choose, which will cost money. And, I need to know soon. If you read this, and I'm not offended if no one does, please pray with me that God would reveal everything to me...opening only the door He would have me go through, slamming doors in my face of what I shouldn't do, or opening several doors, and just trusting Him and taking a step of faith.

"Gold Dust or Bust"

So, I really should be writing sub plans write now, but I've been wanting to write this down...

Last week Simone came to my school to watch my kids play, "Gold Dust or Bust." They did great! But the best part wasn't their performance, it was a comment made by a sweet girl of mine.

As I was "directing," I was unable to take my normal pictures, so Sim grabbed my camera and off she went. I waited for about 10 minutes before we started the play, as parking can be horrible. As we were waiting, this little gem of mine said,

Little Gem: "Ms. Murphy, who's that?"
Me: "That's my friend, Mrs. Knepper."
Little Gem: "Simone?" (I tell the kids my friends first names, apparently)
Me: "Yeah."
Little Gem: "Isn't she from South Africa?"
Me: "Yes, sweetheart."
Little Gem:...voice quietly fading away..."I thought she would have been bl-"

It was priceless. I started laughing out loud like crazy!