Friday, June 5, 2009

"Gold Dust or Bust"

So, I really should be writing sub plans write now, but I've been wanting to write this down...

Last week Simone came to my school to watch my kids play, "Gold Dust or Bust." They did great! But the best part wasn't their performance, it was a comment made by a sweet girl of mine.

As I was "directing," I was unable to take my normal pictures, so Sim grabbed my camera and off she went. I waited for about 10 minutes before we started the play, as parking can be horrible. As we were waiting, this little gem of mine said,

Little Gem: "Ms. Murphy, who's that?"
Me: "That's my friend, Mrs. Knepper."
Little Gem: "Simone?" (I tell the kids my friends first names, apparently)
Me: "Yeah."
Little Gem: "Isn't she from South Africa?"
Me: "Yes, sweetheart."
Little Gem:...voice quietly fading away..."I thought she would have been bl-"

It was priceless. I started laughing out loud like crazy!


Moqqi said...

Hahahahahhaha!!!! It's probably because of all the pics from Tanzania on your bulletin board in your classroom. :-)

blythe said...

haha how funny. she needs to watch that disney channel movie about the exchange student from south africa who the black family expected to be black. that's how i first learned, anyhow... ;]