Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well, I have been thinking a lot about how blessed I am. I'm not speaking financially, though I have been blessed with a job in this Recession, but with my family. And, even more specifically: my parents.

I am not a daughter who lets her parents know enough of how blessed I am to have them in my life; a fault on my part.

Lately, as I continue to teach the youth of our nation, I have been poked and pushed with the number of children who have not been as fortunate as me in this area of life. This was something that (1) was not as prevalent when I was in high school, or (2) something that I was blind to due to my fortunate circumstances. Daily, my heart hurts for my students, yet at the same time it swells because I am reminded of how lucky I am.

I was thinking about my brother's and my parents were always there supporting us no matter what time they had to wake up, no matter what financial cut they had to take so I could try out for Cheer or so our family could fly across the country for one of my brother's baseball tournaments. This support is not something that has ended; just last month when my bills exceeded my income, they were there in less than a heartbeat to buy me groceries, gas, and pay one last bill I wasn't able to - no questions asked; no hesitation.

I have always known, but it is revealing itself more as I get older, of how selfless my parents are and have always been. From buying me clothes last year when I started teaching high school so I didn't feel frumpy, to doting on their grandchildren, to taking in my g'ma to live with us, putting them on the couch and her in their bedroom for a year, to buying Granola bars for the kids in my 4th grade class who couldn't afford to buy snacks. This is a short list that doesn't come close to capturing the love that they have.

Something I hope that I will always carry with me in life is my parents selfless example. They truly have shown what it means to love others above themselves, and to sacrifice so another could have; an incredible example.

What a beautiful legacy they have left for me and others that know them.

Ma and Papa - if you're reading this, know that I love you more than you know :)

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blythe said...

your parents ARE the best....!! :D