Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Didn't Want to Interrupt...

In looking over past blog posts, I have realized that many are pretty heavy. Uplifting, but packed to the brim with a lot of density.

This one will not be.

I have been wanting to write down some of the various experiences I have had, yet I have been slightly timid when it comes to writing. Maybe due to the fact that as an English teacher I am afraid that it won't sound witty or intelligent enough. Maybe due to the fact that I know these stories are funny (based on the reactions of my friends), but I am afraid that the humor won't come across in my writing.

Whatever the delay, it is now over. I need to start getting them from my head and into the heads of others.

So, without further ado, here is my first post on my random dating life...

Almost two weeks ago I went on a date with a man that I knew very little about. We were set up due to similarities, and though I was initially open-minded, I was also a bit skeptical from the start.

We met at the Starbucks off La Paz and Oso, near the Target. Given two, this was my choice place of meeting.

It was not hard to find him, as I had seen a few photos. It also helped that he walked right up to me as I walked through the door.

We ordered our drinks and sat outside. It was a beautiful day.

Our conversation was light-hearted, not too serious. I spoke of my niece and nephews and showed him photos on my phone, I told him of my job as a teacher and a cheer advisor (and all that entails), of my church, and of my family. He told me about himself, as well.

After an hour, he had to leave to do some work for his church. It was a good amount of time; not too long, but not too short. Our conversation didn't have any painful lulls or awkward silences.

As he left, I knew that I wouldn't see him again. He was a nice guy, but not the right man for me.

I had the afternoon open, so I called my mom to see if she wanted to have lunch. This would be a great way to fill her in on the activities of my morning.

We were almost to the restaurant when my phone chirped in response to receiving a text message. To the dismay of my mother, I checked it at a red light (yes, I am aware that you can still get a ticket even if stopped - but this didn't stop me from checking).

I read the text. I couldn't help but laugh.

Great getting coffee with you! I enjoyed hearing your stories and seeing those instagrams of your niece and nephews! Sorry if you didn't feel like you got to know me too well, I didn't want to interrupt you. :P

Call me crazy, but I think that means I talked too much... :)


Andrew Faris said...

Holy cow. That is awesome. And hilarious.

Also, keep writing. This was great and I just put your blog in my Reader. So you've got at least one person reading!

And one more "also": come hang out with us.


In awe of You said...

hahahahha this is still ridiculously funny to me!! I hope no one else has said that to you since :)

Britt said...

Come hang out NOW!