Friday, October 16, 2009

Made my day...

After school today, as I was walking to the bathroom, I passed a few of my students clumped in a couple different groups of friends. One said, kind of sarcastically,
"Miss Murphy, you're my favorite teacher."
I replied with a smile,
"Yeah, I bet."
Then, two others, one next to her and another from the other circle of kids both said how I was their favorite teacher, too.
Now, whether or not they meant it, it did make my heart melt a bit. You just don't hear that kind of thing as often as you do when teaching elementary school...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I love being a teacher...

I got an email this morning from a student from last year. She is in 5th grade now, and has sought my advice. I think it must have helped out. Here is what she wrote back this afternoon:


thank you for that lovely email me and my bff have made up its just she was leaving me out at her horse show and it really hurt my feelings but she said sorry and i said it was fine so yeah these girls just think they are better then me but they are not. math is really hard so i told my teacher she is nothing like you but she said she would help me I'm glad to hear that you like teaching 9th grade! I have a jog a thon coming up and you have to have sponsors and in the spring i am doing track i am really excited. And the great thing is everyone forgot about being mean to me because we had a field trip. But i talked to my mom and i wanted somone elses opinion


AMAZING!...and I'm glad that she caught on with all the punctuation I taught her ;)