Monday, December 14, 2009

"Quote" of the Day!

To preface this blog-worthy moment, I must tell you that it had just been one of those days. One might attribute it to the fact that it is a mere five days before a two-week break; one might just call it a Monday. Either way, this was truly the “Quote of the Day.”

As I was wrapping up the day with my 6th period, I had just enough energy to make it through with a still, slightly crooked, smile on my face. After returning to class from the library, I was wearing thin from numerous student’s subtle attitudes, pushing the line just enough to question “What?” when called out.

As I was setting the timer for our daily independent reading, one of my gems questioned me,

“Miss Murphy, why you in such a bad mood today?”

Upon hearing this question, naturally I answered with a question,

“Why do you think?”

This delight o’ mine responded in such a tone as for all the class to hear, as they were ready to begin the day’s independent reading with their new book choices,

“I don’t know, you on the rag, or something?”

Now, it took a moment to fully put together the content of the answer to my question. I do believe that the sudden gasps from the rest of the class, rather than the normal laughter from his comments, warned me as to what I was about to fully understand. As I emerged into this reality, my eyes widening in horror with every beat of my heart, I slowly turned around to face him, still interpreting his answer. Fully facing him, all I could mutter out was a slow, controlled, but slightly shaky,


As I walked around my desk to call for a school proctor (campus supervisor) to kindly escort him from my class to the office of the Assistant Principal, the full brunt of realization hit. The blood from my chest beat into my head with full force, causing my normally slightly pink complexion to darken several shades to a shiny crimson. I was still processing when I dialed “zero” to get to the receptionist. Merely,

“I need a proctor.” was all that could escape from my trembling lips.

“What room?” the kind voice questioned.


“One is on the way.”

I could hardly let the words escape my mouth in a calm fashion.

“Get all of your things together.”

Within in moments that seemed like minutes, the nice new proctor opened my door with a smile on her face. I just pointed. He knew. He rose from his desk and left silently.

So, another day, another great quote. Yes, I have calmed down and can now laugh at this…one more piece to add to my bag of goodies of being a teacher :)