Monday, July 21, 2008

"To see how excited they were to memorize God's word and have it hidden in their hearts."


On MOnday, us interns and the team from Costa Mesa (they are so awesome!) went to Jacobsen's Beach to set up camp for the week. We were able to get everything set up pretty quickly, so we went and played in Lake Tangynika (sp?) pretty much all afternoon. The rest of the week was really great. It was a Youth Camp for kids 18-24 (basically, its for the young adults that aren't married). It was so incredible to see their hunger for the Lord and the joy that they had in the most simple things. The days were filled with Bible teachings and seminars. Their goal for the week was to memorize Colossians many of them did it. To see how excited they were to memorize God's word and have it hidden in their hearts. It was such a beautiful week to see how good God is. The simplicity of the gospels and God's love for us was so evident. I love seeing how easy it is for these nationals to trust in God. I pray that one day we could all have that same faith and trust in Him.

Two of the sweetest times I had during the week were helping a few of the nationals to memorize their verses (Lucy, Esther, and another who I can't remember her name). And then I was able to have a really long talk with another national/preschool teacher. Her name is Winni, and she lives with us at Jackson and Esther's house. (PLEASE PRAY FOR ESTHER!!! She is pregnant and really sick right now. There's a chance that if she's not careful she could lose the baby. She has two young boys, Talent and Joshua, so please pray that God would keep her and the baby healthy and well. We're actually moving out of their house so she can rest better, and not feel as though she needs to do anything for us. Living there has been such a blessing, so please please pray that God would protect her! And please pray for her husband during this time. He is really worried about her.)

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